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Gum aesthetics, which we call pink aesthetics in smile aesthetics, can be considered as the basis of the treatment. Pink aesthetics is a form of treatment that expresses the adjustments and changes made in the structure and color of the gums.
In such cases, the gum level is pulled upwards without affecting the health of the gum and the person by measuring the gum of the patient. Thanks to gum aesthetics, the gums of the person will be less visible and they will have a more beautiful smile.

Pink Aesthetic methods

A single method is not applied in gum aesthetics, also called Pink Aesthetics. There are different techniques and treatment processes used for different problems.

Regenerative: It is applied to restructure the supporting tissues that have been destroyed by gum diseases by stimulating the body's own production mechanisms.
Gingivectomy: The process of removing excess gums in areas where gingival growth and deep pockets are formed. The gums are leveled and the patient is given an aesthetic appearance.
Gingivoplasty: The method applied to correct excessive gingiva or asymmetric leveling. A more aesthetic appearance is obtained with complementary prosthetic treatments (Lamina, Zirconium etc.).
Crown Length Extension: A method in which a longer appearance is obtained in the teeth by removing excess gum tissue and reshaping the bone in order to tolerate the tissue loss that has occurred over time.

What are the advantages?

  • Tooth loss is prevented.
  • Tooth lengths are made proportional to other teeth.
  • Tooth infections are treated and their recurrence is prevented.
  • Along with aesthetic concerns, smile problems are also solved.
  • The tissues that support the teeth regain their health.

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