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PEDODONTICS (Pediatric Dentistry)

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PEDODONTICS (Pediatric Dentistry)

It is the solution of the problems in the teeth and mouth during the period from infancy to the period when all permanent teeth erupt in the mouth.


Preventive, therapeutic and stopping orthodontic treatments:

  • Treatment of decays in children's milk teeth and permanent teeth
  • Dental tissue loss due to caries in children's primary teeth and permanent teeth
  • Removal of the colors on the teeth
  • Oral and dental hygiene training
  • Tooth extractions when necessary in mandatory situations
  • Gum disease
  • Dental problems due to genetic structure
  • Preventive dentist practices
  • Night plate applications due to clenching teeth in children


Approximately 6 months after the child is born, the first milk teeth begin to appear in the mouth. This process continues with the milk teeth coming out of the mouth in turn. Approximately 4 years old, milk teeth are completed in the mouth. Permanent teeth that will remain in the mouth for life from the age of 6 begin to erupt.
In this process, milk teeth fall out as the time comes, and permanent teeth that will come under them gradually take their places. When any milk tooth decays ahead of time or has to be pulled out due to progressive caries, these balances are completely disrupted and the permanent teeth coming from below cannot settle properly. In order for these problematic situations to be detected in a timely manner and to create solutions, children should be regularly under the control of the dentist, starting from the appearance of milk teeth in the mouth.


Untreated milk tooth decays cause bad odor in the mouth, difficulty chewing, and malnutrition. Dental diseases that are not treated during this period lead to dental distortion, jaw development disorder and general health problems in the future. Meanwhile, a great responsibility falls on the family in this regard. After all, the milk tooth should be treated without falling into the delusion that instead of falling out, new ones come out.

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