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When Is Filling When Is Root Canal Treatment?

The loss of material in the enamel on the outer part of the teeth and in the dentin on the inner part and the cementum covering the root surface is called caries. The reason is that bacteria and acids on the tooth surface increase due to poor oral care. This causes tooth destruction.

With tooth decay, pain begins in the teeth. There is sensitivity to cold, heat, sweet and weather. If these sensitivities last for a short time and disappear when the factor is eliminated, it usually indicates filling. But prolonged pain, persistent pain, throbbing pain, night-awakening pain now indicate that the decay is deep. In these cases, root canal treatment is most likely to be applied to the tooth.

Root canal treatment is the cleaning and filling of the vessels and nerves in the nerve chamber that we call pulp, which is deeper than the tooth enamel and dentin. It is applied when decay passes through enamel and dentin and threatens living parts.

Dt. Yunus KABAK