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Laminated Teeth

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Unlike porcelain and zirconium applications in aesthetic dentistry, it is applied only on the front surface of the tooth. In this case, it is a porcelain leaf ceramic treatment method that allows patients to have aesthetic teeth without much enamel loss from the tooth. Since lamina porcelains are very thin, they are transparent like enamel in natural tooth tissue. When light shines on natural teeth, it does not cause reflection. Light passes through the dental tissue and reaches the dentin tissue. Porcelain lamina provides a bright appearance like natural teeth.

When Is Laminated Tooth Coating Used?

  • Crooked and deformed front teeth
  • In cases such as tooth whitening, advanced antibiotics, fluorine etc. in spots and color disorders that are hereditary.
  • In cases where the visual integrity of the teeth is impaired,
  • Closing the gaps of the teeth in the anterior region
  • Hypoplasia and malformations in the enamel layer,

What Are The Advantages Of Laminated Teeth?

  • The treatment process is short and it is a long-lasting coating. It does not wear easily and does not change color.
  • Your teeth will have a natural appearance like your own teeth because they pass the laminated light.
  • The treatment period is short and it is used carefully and it is a long-lasting coating with care.

What Should Be Considered When Using Laminated Teeth?

  • Do not bite or pluck very hard foods with teeth with laminated teeth.
  • Necessity of using night plate in dental clenching problems.
  • Floss application should be done once a day.
  • There may be sensitivity in the teeth after treatment and treatment.

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