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Smile Design

It is the process of achieving a natural and aesthetic appearance applied according to face shapes and needs.

Aesthetic Dentistry

It is a quick treatment to have a beautiful, pleasant and aesthetic appearance.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics, ie maxillofacial orthopedics, is the diagnosis and treatment of the irregularities of the lower upper jaw and the teeth located on them

Children's Dentistry

The importance of oral and dental health increases even more in childhood, when temporary milk teeth and permanent teeth take their place in the mouth slowly and slowly.


Dental implants can be a good option when teeth are lost due to illness or accident.


The treatment of gum disease is an inflammatory disease that supports the gums and gums and affects the tissues.

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Tooth loss

Toothbrush selection is important. Brush bristles should be 3-4 bundles in the same row, preferably of medium hardness, with straight rounded ends. Since the bristle parallelism of the brush deteriorates within 3 months, it should be replaced. If this parallelism deteriorates in a short time like 1 month, it means that the person is brushing by pressing their teeth more than necessary. If the teeth are problematic even though they are brushed, the procedure may be incomplete and wrong. It would be correct to talk to the dentist and review how oral care products are used.

Oral and dental health starts in childhood. Tonsil and mouth breathing in children can cause abnormal jaw development. For this it must be treated. If there is one of the problems in children such as early tooth loss, difficulty in biting and chewing, mouth breathing, finger sucking, crookedness, jaw slippage, difficulty in making noise, positioning of the jaws back and forth, clenching and grinding, the dentist should be consulted as soon as possible.

During pregnancy, effective dental treatment should be avoided in the first trimester, which is the organ development stage of the baby. Treatments should be postponed to the second trimester, this is the most appropriate period for dental treatments (ie 4th, 5th and 6th months of pregnancy). The last three months of pregnancy are a sensitive period like the first three months, and non-urgent dental treatments should be left after delivery.

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